Hi, I'm Rory Champion, welcome to my website. I'm a Norfolk-based photographer with a passion for exploring and promoting the natural world and biodiversity through photography.
Rory Champion Photographer

Rory Champion Photographer

As you can see from the homepage I have a wide breadth of photography experience and my work has taken me to different corners of the globe. Although some of the images here were commissioned by private clients, this website is more of a photography project blog of non-commercial work, providing photo-journalistic features on cultural and natural historical subjects, as I continue in my quest to explore the natural world around me.

Commercial photography

With over 7 years commercial photography experience, I also provide professional-level, unique and creative commercial photography services in Norfolk, the South East, London and East Anglia. Photographic services include:
  • Event photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Press and PR photography
  • Corporate and communications photography
  • Product and service photography
Other photography related services:
  • Image and media production
  • Video production
For more information about my commercial photography services visit my website www.dollyzoom.co.uk.