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Capital portrait: London in 2012

London 2012 was heralded as the accessible olympics by many, both for the integration of events within the city's geography and features providing free access to many great events, and for the success of the Paralympics which was probably the most widely covered in history. For tourists it must have been doubly exciting to both be in one of the great landmark cities of the world as well as being right in the thick of some of the action, being able to stroll out of the hotel and watch, say, the swimming marathon in Hyde Park's Serpintine. And for Londoners too it was an excuse to bunk off work for an afternoon to revel as their city which had overnight turned into a carnival a city-wide carnival. From the torch relay in august to the victory parade a month later, London 2012 truly was a great Olympics, showing to the world that behind our straight faces are party animals waiting to get out. Working in central London I tried to see as much of what was on offer for free as possible,both for my own personal enjoyment and professional purposes. Here are some photos from my London 2012 collection.

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